Group Golf Classes

2-4 students per class, 1-hour sessions

Large group classes (5-10 people) are conducted through Westchester Community College (click for more info).


Intro To Golf

This 8-session class teaches students golf terminology, etiquette, and rules, as well as driving, putting, chipping, and pitching. 

Back To Basics

This 3-session class is designed for golfers of all levels who need a skill and feel refresher.  Students will learn basic swing mechanics utilizing grip, stance and posture. The first session will focus on putting, the second on chipping and the third on full swing techniques.

Putting Precision

This 6-session class will focus on achieving consistent putting and chipping, plus reading grrens and rough. It will also include instruction on sand shots, flip shots, and bump and run shots and when to use them. 

Swing Thoughts

This 6-session class will focus on the mental game, using the Think, Breathe, Act technique. Students must have taken Intro to Golf or have equivalent experience.

Course Play

These sessions last 2-4 hours and consist of instruction right on the golf course in real time. Most groups play 9 to 12 holes.


Masterclass for Professionals

Full Description Here