Think. Breathe. Act.

I came upon this method of mindfulness in action as my original approach to golf, creating a better understanding of strategic feel and learning.  To bring this to you as a fully developed process, required tests and training with high performance athletes in the game.

Every one of us is increasingly barraged with distractions, yet not many yet know how to consciously calm ourselves in the midst of most chaotic moments to let the mind “re-boot.”  Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and a non-judgmental open way. This is the antidote to stress of constant fight or flight responses. By focusing attention, without distraction, you experience a greater sense of presence, confidence and connection, thus able to align and engage for maximal focused purpose.

Transition from the mechanics of habitual movement

to physical sensation and embodied awareness.

Thinking in a strategic way with conscious breathing helps you play any sport and swing or shoot with your whole body. Your awareness of thought is a discipline of deliberate practice. You deliberately practice purposeful thinking to envision moving thoughts into place.

Shift from shallow, unconscious breathing to deliberate breathing

in coordination with thought and action.

 Pay attention to your breathing, become able to listen to the rhythm of life within you. Knowing your own rhythm allows focus to dominate your performance. Breathing brings balance, thus you understand technique and expertly apply it, every time.

Transfer from the reliance on innate talent to

the power of purposeful practice.

When proceeded by targeted Thinking and Breathing, Acting without additional thought is instinctive. Native talent reaches a peak. You grow beyond that through efficient practice techniques.  Talent’s height happens during youth, practice brings out your best for life.

Joshua Merlyn Dunn

Joshua Merlyn Dunn

Creator and Founder

Joshua has been practising mindfulness meditation for over 4 decades. Through this practice, he learned how mind and body relate to the spirit. He applies this knowledge in practice to his golf game and has been teaching others to do the same for the past 10 years.

He taught classes to the Metropolitan Section of the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA), in addition to his work with Westchester Community College and golf facilities in Westchester and Rockland Counties, you benefit from these years of onging expertise.

“Sports and movement take place in the outside world. How we perceive them and what we think of them take place in the inside world. Meditation gives us the space to contemplate our perception of these things.“ – Joshua Dunn